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      We've got a Bunch

               to offer!!!!


                                                                                  Our Business

     Balloons By The Bunch has been serving Lubbock, Texas Tech and the surrounding area since 1980.


    Balloons By The Bunch is owned by Robby Bunch( yes that is my last name).  This business was started by my brother and his wife Tom and Lauri Bunch. We started out in Tom and Lauri's home until we were told that was against city zoning ordianaces.


               We started with just our bouquets and since then Ballooned (made you smile didn't I?)  


    We do decorations for Texas Tech ( Get your Gun's Up!), The Arts Festival, L.I.S.D. proms and athletic events as well as other local schools. Not to mention we do corprate conventions, church events and

                                                                   tradeshow decorations, and Quinceanera's. 


     We would love to hear your comments, answer any questions or give you a quote for yur next event.  Send us an email or sign up on the home page.  Stop by and visit us!               

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