Who doesn't LOVE PROM?

These are pictures of past proms that we have done. Not all but a few.

Shang-hai knights
This was a very fun prom to do. this was the Year of the water-snake. I love dong these snakes they are great. We can make them even longer. 

The   roaring   20s 

Exciting time! Love the purple and gold really stands out.  We did a light up skylne to go between the two rooms. Canopys are just marvelous. 

     Casino   Royal

This was one of my favorite proms. Ireally the love the way the cadsino men came out. They are about 10' tall.

We used the BIG arch for the first time it is 30' long. 

A Night in Paris...

Arabian Nights

Old Pictures of Proms past.....please excuse the blurries

We can't forget the graduations and banquets....

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